Jet2 European Destinations is a limited airline company based in England. It is merely known as Jet2. The company is a subsidiary of the Dart Group which is an aviation and distribution group to various destinations. The company headquarter is based at Leeds Bradford international airport. Jet2 is one of the largest airlines in Great Britain. The company has other bases in various cities of Britain. The flights of Jet2 Company are known in entire England as one of the cheapest hence many clients. The company is known for its well-organised staffs with high-quality provisions of services. The company is permitted by the United Kingdom civil aviation Authority to carry mail, passengers and cargo to various destinations. If you would like to find out about current offers they have on you can by calling the Jet2 contact number.  

Jet2 Aircraft

Jet2 launched commercial aircraft services across various locations in early 1983. In the year 2001, the company launched a passenger-freight services using Boeing aircraft which was destined to short and medium international routes. In the year 2003, the company started to operate as a leisure freight which was then operating between Leeds to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. There were only two freights daily using two Boeing aircrafts. Later in the year, the Jet2 introduced seven other destinations in European countries.

In the year 2004, the company expanded its operations in various cities. In this year they launched a new base in Manchester airport. Manchester airport is one of the largest and busiest airports in the world. This particular station allowed more customers to enjoy high-quality freight services at a low-cost courtesy of Jet2 Company. The Jet2 airline operates from terminal 1 in the Manchester airport.

Jet2 Aircraft

In 2005, the company launched another new base in the city of Newcastle. This specific station was the third one to be introduced by Jet2 within three years. In all these bases the company depended on Boeing aircrafts in all their flight operations. At the end of 2006, the company acquired two other planes which enabled them to fly medium and international popular routes. This helped the company to carry more passengers to various destinations within Britain and international destinations at a low cost.

Jet2 Aircraft

In 2006 the company decided to shift from the city of Bournemouth to Leeds and the company was officially registered as Limited. In 2007 Jet2. Com Limited established a sister company Jet2holidays which was dealing with travel agents ABTA and ATOL to fly customers from one destination to a holiday destination of their choice. The company is known in entire Europe as one of the best flight agents in flying people to skiing destinations with as little as $34 and other offers.

Currently, the company offers flight services to more than fifty destinations across Europe. The major flight operates in Spain France and North America via Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey. Jet2 operates both domestic and international flights with Alicante Airport in Spain as one of the favourite destinations. Since Limited was established, it has been expanding both in operations and provision of services to their customers. Jet2 company has retained its reputation for over two decades thus remaining a darling to many travellers.

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