Top 10 Ibiza Attractions

Top 10 Ibiza AttractionsSure, there are many popular tourist and vacation spots cradling the Mediterranean, in a handful of different countries and even on multiple continents. But there’s nothing like spending time in Ibiza. That’s one of my favorite spots to visit when I’m looking to unwind, and here are some of ways I do just that.

  1. EivissaDalt Vila is a fine place to start your foray into Ibiza. It’s practically the oldest part of the city and is protected by many local laws that keep new construction and demolition in the area to a minimum. You don’t even need a car to travel through Ibiza Upper Town and there are plenty of shops and markets to walk through too.
  2. Naturally, getting out onto the Mediterranean to enjoy water sports like swimming, boating, waterskiing and parasailing is also a great way to kill time in Ibiza. Some of those activities can become expensive quickly, so be sure to budget for them ahead of time.
  3. Fans of parks and other wide open, unspoiled spaces will want to check out the Ses Salines National Park. It is a rather large park, encompassing a stretch of Ibiza’s southern reaches, and the borders even run south across the strait and into Formentera. You’ll need a boat for this one.
  4. The Port of Ibiza is also worth visiting, and incidentally a spot you’ll probably stop at anyhow if you’re checking of Ses Salines or other spots on the water. Goods are always coming and going and it’s a busy place, like other trading ports. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for something rare or exotic to commemorate your trip.
  5. I made a cursory mention of Formentera, but the island has more to offer than just park land. It’s home to many of the cleanest and most pristine beaches for miles around Ibiza, and many of them appeal to naturalists by offering nude sunbathing. Hey – when I said I wanted to unwind and let it all hang out, I meant it. Ha ha.
  6. Many people enjoy watching the sun setting in the evening, or rising in the morning. But if you haven’t caught a glimpse of what the sky over SesVariades looks like at dusk and dawn, then you’ve got to see it while you’re in Ibiza.
  7. Café Del Mar is a great place to get good food while you’re in Ibiza. It’s a historic restaurant and all, but I might be a little biased here since I had a fun drinking contest with some technological engineer working for Citrus while I was there.
  8. There are many entertaining bars, nightclubs and other venues worth checking out too. Ibiza is the kind of place where you can party until dawn, go sleep the sun away and then go back out the next evening to do it all over again. Check out Es Paradis, Eden and other major clubs.
  9. If you’re looking to get away from throngs of people and crowded clubs, there are fine alternatives worth mentioning. The island of EsVedra, for example, is largely uninhabited, and the kind of place where you can go walking and not see another soul all day.
  10. Last on this list but certainly not the least of the attractions offered by Ibiza is Atlantis. No, I’m not talking about that fictional lost city under the sea; I mean the sunken quarry near Ibiza, the stone from which was used ages ago to build much of Old Town. The sea reclaimed the place and is looks like a sunken scene from a Tolkien novel.